My name is Carmela Wiant and my Son is David Christopher Money. He was killed in an auto accident from hydroplaning August 7, 2006 in Columbus, Ohio. The way we found out was the Chaplain ended up telling me over the phone that my only child had died. He was 23 years old and 3 days later he would have been 24 years old.

No one should ever be told this way and I didn't get to be with my son as soon as it happened.

I started this Bill in April of 2007 because I do not want other people to ever hear about a loved one dying the way we had to find out. The emotional trauma of being told is very devastating no matter what but being told properly would cause less trauma. Something had to be done. Putting an emergency contact on the drivers license can help Law Enforcement Agencies find people much quicker. This way the family can be with their child or loved one much quicker.

The process of doing this Bill sometimes was very emotional, very stressful and sometimes I just wanted to quit, but every time I would look at my Sons' picture I would say "What if the tables were turned and they told him this way?" and sometimes I could just hear him say to me "Mom don't you ever give up, you keep going because I know you can."

This is part of the process of what I put together, of how I did the Bill. The letters I wrote and I received in putting the Bill together. But most of the support I received from my wonderful Husband and others.

When you know that this will help others, you stay with your Senators & Representatives and you call them. Every time there is a Committee Meeting or Hearing you should be there at most or all of them. This Bill was passed through the Legislators within 1 year and the Senate & House all sponsored the Bill.

This Bill is called the "Money-Burge Act" Senate Bill # 249 and House Bill# 392, (Also know as the "Next Of Kin" Bill, in Memory of David Money and Steve Burge.

More information about the Bill is listed on this website. We invite you to review the information, and we hope that you consider having your "Next of Kin" information added the next time you visit your Local License Bureau. It's a simple process and could be a vital link between Emergency Services and your Family members in time of need.

Thank You for visiting Our site ...... "If I can help one Mom or Dad to never go through it, then I did what I was supposed to do"....

Carmela Wiant

For More Information About Adding Emergency Contact and Next of Kin to Your Drivers License, Visit:
Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles